Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Go Cause Something - Auer Agency's 2010 Mantra

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This year it's all about hope, change and living for a cause. We feel that everyone has something they are passionate about; therefore, Go Cause Something!

We are presenting ; new for 2010 - a  Sports Event Service that covers everything from event logo design, brochures, advertising, t-shirts, awards etc. That's our Cause, helping those to help others for the cause. 

We are working closely with a lot of non-profit events and hope that by providing professional services, they will create an experience that all participants will remember for years to come and come back the next year to ask others to join the event. 
Our hope is that attendees will wear the apparel, in turn elevating  others to join and take notice of the cause. Whether they are wearing it running to the store or running in their next triathlon, they wear it with pride and stand for a cause. So decide to
Go Cause Something, NOW!

The word CAUSE can mean a lot of things to many people. So stand up, be noticed and set your goals high.

1.a. The producer of an effect, result, or consequence.
  b. The one, such as a person, event, or condition, that is responsible for an action or result.

2. A basis for an action or response; a reason: The doctor's report gave no cause for alarm.

3. A goal or principle served with dedication and zeal: "the cause of freedom versus tyranny" (Hannah Arendt)

4. The interests of a person or group engaged in a struggle: "The cause of America is in great measure the cause of all mankind" (Thomas Paine).

We are out there making a difference, are you?

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