Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Greatest (and the naughtiest) Moments in Sports

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I thought I would do a fun post today.
Links to some of the most outrageous, icons who flopped, entertaining and amazing moments in sports.

Hopefully 2011 will be just as entertaining, maybe Kim Kardishan will date Brett Favre, Panthers will win the Super Bowl and Western Michigan University (my alma mater) will win a basketball championship.

Gorgeous Photos

YouTube Videos! Saints win super bowl and other epic stories\

High school and College Highlights... can you say Penn State Women's Volleyball Champs!?!?!?!\

World Cup Championship

Santa's Naughty List - yes Favre is #1

Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Tips You Need to Know when placing your jersey order

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In the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season... there are some serious questions to be answered... Who is going to design our team's cycling jersey this year? Which manufacturer are we going to use? Can we find someone to meet our budget? What about sizing?

December is normally the busiest time for me, as many teams are putting together their orders to guarantee their brand spanking new kits arrive in time for the their first race.
In my 14 years of designing apparel, I've seen some great designs and some not so great designs.
There are many different ways to design your jerseys. We can do full custom, semi-custom or print on an existing jersey.
  • As you can imagine the full custom takes the longest to design and produce. But has the most FLASH at the finish line.
  • Semi-custom means that the design is already printed and a jersey is already sewn and ready to go, we just have to print on it. This is perfect for small teams less than 24. However, you may show up race day with others in the same template design.
  • Printing on an existing jersey - If you see my PBR jersey, we just printed on a white jersey and this is great for small orders and quick turnaround time.

1. Set the team's budget and collect down payment from team early on. Avoids stress and late orders. Most manufacturers require 1/2 up front at beginning of order.
2. Set a realistic deadline. Some clients work 4 months ahead. This is ideal because some production times run 4-8 weeks depending on the amount of orders.
3. Get artwork in vector or original format. Right clicking on your sponsor's website and giving me a .jpg won't work. I'll have to redraw the logo for a small fee. 
 4. I wish I could wave my magic wand and get your order in as soon as we talk. The clock starts ticking when artwork proof is approved from the manufacturer. Just because we talked about it Friday on Nov. 5th nothing happens until artwork is submitted.
5. I have relationships with all the manufacturers, from Primal Wear, Giordana, Pearl Izumi, ZBikewear, Sugoi, Louis Garneau, Voler, Hincapie. I've been at their plants, worked with them and have even my own designed retail apparel lines.

I'm the perfect person for you to work with, I design, gather quotes, manage the order and make sure order comes in on time and correct, so you can be out there riding. I don't know of anyone else that does what I do. Pretty cool, eh?

I would be more than happy to come to one of your monthly meetings to bring samples and answer questions. Free pizza and a couple of beers and I'll share all my vast knowledge. I'm available any Tuesday or Wednesday night and some weekends.

Holiday Snuggle Gift IDeas

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Have you wanted to snuggle one of your clients?

That got your attention didn't? Check out the flyer below for neat holiday gift ideas for friends and family, sporting your company logo.
Gifts from $6-$60
I think the fleece blanket is very unique and is great for tree lightings, early morning marathons or yes even snuggling with your client.
Now that's customer service. LOL
  • The price listed is for the garment only.
  • 12 piece minimum is required.  Price drops after minimum is met.
  • Embroidery, shipping and taxes are additional.

Monday, November 22, 2010


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Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a perfect time
To stop and reminisce
About the many hours we've spent
Discussing that and this-
The laughs, the smiles
That we have known
The wonderful things we've done
That make the friendship that we share
A very special one!
Have a lovely Thanksgiving Day, my friends!

Mariellen, Jack & Ava Auer

T-shirt Design with Silver Ink

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I'm working on my first apparel design that incorporates silver ink. You know you see all these cool shirts out there, with the silver on it. I hope this works out. They want to do it on a burnout t-shirt as well.
I can't reveal the design or client, just yet, but hoping to get more orders like these!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas $15 Leather Journals

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You would think the art of writing has been lost, but guess again.
Journals have turned into one of the hottest items to give to your top clients.

And the international printing company, is right here in Charlotte! So you are buying locally!!
Show your clients you care this holiday season and thank them in an unusual way for their support of your business.

The $15 price can't be beat for this journal. it comes in several different colors with your logo embossed on the front.

The Terra Cotta is my favorite color, you all know I love orange!!

- Your company logo embossed on the front.  
- Pen loop 
- Calendar 
- Important contacts sheet 
- Locally, handcrafted in Charlotte

Order specs: 
Qty:  30 piece minimum 
Size: 7” x 10” 
Does not include set-up fee, shipping and taxes. 

Holiday Gift Ideas-Tote Bags/Wine Holders

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Yes it's that time again. Time to figure out what to give your clients this year.
Put your company name on of these items below, silk screen or embroidery can be used.

Bags has been a very popular item this year, with recycling on the uprise, everyone needs a tote for grocery shopping, running to the gym or kid's overnight trips. Or fill them with holiday treats for special clients.

AND my personal favorite is the wine bag, of course, you have to supply the good wine. Riesling is my favorite, light, fruity and a good wine to give.

Price includes the bag only.
Min is 12 items.

I have other gift ideas as well, just let me know if you want to meet for a coffee and I can show you.

Mariellen Auer

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Success at BIg Stampede - Who I Met

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Another year for a bike swap meet and expo.  I think this is going on 5 years now. It was great to hang out at the speedway, listening to the loud NASCAR's running around the track. Being out in the cold and seeing old friends and meeting new faces.

NEW!! Some new friends I met were Angela Olson, with this wild red hair and she said she had someone unfriend her so I went home and friended her on Facebook. Too funny. She was a ton of fun.

Performance Therapy  - Met Mike the owner and we discussed apparel and jersey design for his company. He has trained pro athletes to the everyday weekend warrior. I met him at his office today, and they were just buzzing with clients.

Rivergirl Fishing Company - they stopped by needing jersey designs for their outfitter store. I went on their website, and realized that I'm a Rivergirl at heart. My dad used to take me fishing all the time growing up on Lake Michigan and even for spring break trips to the Ozarks.... that could be a trivia question.

Prudent Enviro Products - environmentally safe products for cleaning your bike and accessories. Good stuff, hope to see more of their products out there on the market.
Nicole Bossie Boyd -  new husband has launched a new accessory for those in need of gadgets and such. He was even telling me he was flying out to Apple in California to work on an iPhone app. I shared a lot of laughs with Nicole and she even told me about someone who is trying to launch a cycling apparel line nearby.. Can't wait to hear from her.

Jeff Wise, with the US National Whitewater Center buzzed by my booth. I hadn't seen Jeff in quite a while. We used to spend countless hours together when the Whitewater Center didn't have a clue where it was going to be and who was going to pay for it. It was good to see him, and bumped into him last night at Taco Mac's. 

Spencer Lueders: I didn't know he was still around, he's such a celebrity now... but he stopped to chat. We only had a few minutes, but it was good to talk to him. He's one of my favorite peeps. He has his own attorney practice right now and we started going down memory lane a little and catching up. Still need to grab a coffee and see what other trouble we can stir up.

Highlight of the day was watching Ilan Paltrow, owner of Bicycle Sport, doing wheelies at it slowed down in the main aisle, I was waiting for him to bust his ass, but he held his own.. Looking good Paltrow!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Auer Agency Exhibitor at Big Stampede

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What is the BIG STAMPEDE?
How about the biggest bicycle expo and swap to hit the Southeast! Big Stampede features 25,000 square feet of manufacturers, retailers, clubs/teams, and individuals buying, selling, and swapping new and used cycling and triathlon equipment. A place for YOU to sell your old gear, and buy or swap for new gear, plus a whole lot more!

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

WHEN: The expo/swap is from 9AM until 3PM.
WHERE: Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, will host the 2010 Big Stampede Southeast Bike Expo & Swap in the NASCAR Nationwide Garage located in the infield of the Speedway.
Admission = $5.00
12 and under = FREE
Parking = FREE
The Offical beneficiary for the Big Stampede is Trips for Kids. They will be there to accept any donations of used cycling equipment.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Redesign Charlotte Sports Network logo

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As Charlotte's newest networking group starts to form, Charlotte Sports Network, I decided to give it a new look. In January 2009, I launched CSN on LinkedIn, so far we have about 150 members and growing everyday. I created a logo then, but now that we have decided to make this a monthly networking group, I redesigned the logo and I think it captures the spirit of the group.
I kept the fresh colors, but decided to go with CSN as the main logo with the name of the group secondary. The arrows depict the idea of different sports professionals coming together in one place to do business and forge strong relationships.

If any of this sounds familiar, I used to also host the Charlotte Sports Scene socials that began in 2002 at the Sunset Club. That group, was focused on evening socials twice a year.

I'm very excited as I talk to more and more sports industry professionals everyday about starting this group formally. I am forming a team of people to help me launch and all the responsibilities it takes to put something like this together.

My goal is to have our first meeting in February. As I look at forming my team, I'm also taking into consideration where most of the members work so that our meeting location will be convenient as well as a good time of day. 

The focus of the group, is to network, that's the most important element. In today's economic hardship, relationships and most importantly friendships are the anchor for gaining new business. With social media marketing on the rise, what people say about you on facebook or their blog, matters personally and professionally.

I think meeting monthly as well as having the format be focused on networking will be a key element. As gatekeeper, I have been very selective in who gets to join as well. I want to maintain a high level of value to its members. They are investing their time and money as well. They want to see results.

So with that said, I hope 2011 will be a one of hope and fortune. With like minded people behind me, this can only be a success!

Skydive Carolina - Boogie T-shirt Design

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Skydive Carolina jumped at the chance to ask us to design a t-shirt for one of their largest events of the year. THE BOOGIE!! being held this weekend in Chester, SC and it's the 24th Anniversary of the event as well.
They bring in top sky divers from around the country and many people come from far, to camp and party and of course.. JUMP!!

We had some fun with their logo by putting a pumpkin head on him on the front and added some inspirational artwork and Bats (since bats fly right?). ON the back we took the Swoosh Man as they call him, and added a broom and wizard hat.

We hope everyone has fun out there this weekend. I know I did when I jumped a few weeks ago. Scary, but exhilarating at the same time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cotton Prices Increase Nov 1st

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Increased cotton and other raw materials costs have prompted industry suppliers Gildan, Hanes, Port & Company and Jerzees to announce price increases. These increases will range from 5% on basic t-shirts to 10% on sport shirts and fleece. These prices will be effective Monday, Nov. 1.
Cotton prices are at record highs and we believe there will be more price increases in the coming months.  Our vendors monitor yarn costs and supply daily and don’t see an end to rising costs in the next few months. It is truly an unprecedented time in global manufacturing and sourcing.

See chart for a snapshot on cotton pricing that illustrates what is driving these price increases. The more knowledge we all have, the better we will be at working with our clients during this period of rising costs. We appreciate your continued support.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maximum Performance Running Hires AA to design Corporate Apparel and Marketing Collateral

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One hot summer morning in August, Mark Hadley walked up to our booth. We chit chatted for a while and he looked over the apparel I had on display. He was excited about running that morning for the OrthoCarolina's 10k 1st annual run.

He shyly showed me his new business card, with Maximum Performance Running logo and said, do you think you could make some apparel for my new company?

A few months later we met in a coffee shop. I was excited to listen to him talk further about his coaching business and how he has already grown it with a couple of coaches and great clients. Mark used to run in high school, college (Ole Miss) and most recently several regional and local races.

Mark is a coach certified by both the RRCA and USATF and is on the USATF’s Coaches Registry.

We took his logo off his business card and had to recreate it for apparel. But we are doing all kinds of apparel such as performance T's, runner's hats, everyday hats and personalized polos. I even ordered a hat for myself, I think they are really cool. Next on the list, is creating a cool brochure that highlights Mark and MPR's coaching strategies.

So welcome Mark Hadley to the Auer Agency family. We hope we are in it for the long run. Ha! No pun intended.


Monday, October 18, 2010

TRG Motorsports Invites Auer Agency to the Pits at NASCAR race

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Saturday, October 16th was the Bank of America's 500 NASCAR race held in Charlotte, NC. For the first time, Auer Agency was in the PITS! As in hanging out in the pits. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to TRG Motorsports for inviting us out.

Mariellen even stood on pit row while the National Anthem was sang. A once in a lifetime experience for sure! TRG Motorsports had Andy Lally, his first NASCAR race as their driver for the night.
Andy Lally and Mariellen Auer

Mariellen in the pits

William Wilson and TRG PIt crew member

Mariellen Auer and the CUP!

Andy Pit Stop

Dale Earnhard, Jr walking by.
Right next to use were Kurt Busch and Denny Hamlin. It was a night to remember.

Auer Agency Celebrates 100th Job

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It's no small task to keep a business up and running. And Mariellen has done just that. Auer Agency has surpassed a milestone! They did their 100th job this year and continuing to add new clients to their roster.
Skydive Carolina's t-shirt design for their 24th Anniversary and Boogie to be held Oct 39th marks Auer Agency's 100th job. We'll post the design once we receive approval.

The most Auer Agency  have ever done in one year was 75 in 2008 and they have been in business since 2002.
And we would like to thank our clients for helping us get to this milestone as well. We wouldn't be here without your business!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Siskey YMCA Cycling Apparel

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We've been working with the Siskey YMCA, Extreme Cycling club based in Matthews, NC to produce one of their most popular designed cycling kitsThey were finally shipped last week and we are really excited about seeing them finished after looking at them on the screen forever.
This also is our largest order to date as well.

They are riding for the MS Breakaway Ride to the Beach that starts Saturday, September 25th.

Friday, September 17, 2010

NEW!! Dayeco Apparel - Construction Client

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Dayeco Landscaping and Construction located in Durnam, NC asked us to create apparel for their employees and we even did a cool bag for Apryle the owner to cart her stuff around in.

Mariellen Featured in Business Journal AGAIN

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Enterepreneurs Section

Recently, I was asked my advice on how to maintain balance between work and life. Since I am a single mom, a lot rests on my shoulders from running a house to running a business.

Here is my excerpt in full. But it was nice to be featured last week. My secret weapon is dark chocolate, it solves all the problems.

Since being in business since 2002, the way we do business has changed. Everyone expects an answer back via text/email within minutes. As a single mom, I have learned that I can’t be so compulsive about needing to finish everything that day. I work a little at everything each day to run my business, be a mom and run a household.

A typical day: Check email first thing, drive kids to school sending them off with lots of hugs and kisses, email invoices, prepare a proposal, design a logo, check Google Alerts for the next sports trend, check email again, call clients/vendors while in the car driving to the next appointment. Everyone once in a while I slip in a piece of dark chocolate for a slice of peace and happiness.

I’ve learned to do my day in blocks, I check email at certain times of the day, I don’t always respond to texts until I have a few moments. One or two days a week I keep meeting free so I can work on the next logo or apparel design project, the other two days are my design days and 1 day is optional.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Check out OrthoCarolina 10K

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August 21, tomorrow at the crack of dawn we will be setting up our booth at the FIRST EVER, OrthoCarolina 10K run/5K walk. for info.

Yesterday I ran back and forth between the t-shirt printer and Charlotte Running Company where packet pick-up was running shirts hot off the press.

We did performance T's for the first 200 sign-ups.
Volunteer T's
Regular Cotton (ice Gray) just to be different) for Participants
Race Directors specific apparel
The design was simple anad working through all the sponsor logos to make them one color wasn't easy. But that's what I do best. 

I think everyone will be really happy with the event. I'm impressed with Justin Ratike's, the event Director. He has handled everything with an ease about him and a sense of humor. He wants to put on a classy event, and I really admire him for putting all this effort into it.
Ok back to packing the crates with apparel design samples!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elements of Good Logo Design

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Logos are what represent your company, product, business, or even yourself. They are the primary way to communicate to the world your business’s personality, identity, essence, and individuality. There are two types of logos: logomarks are symbol-based logos, and logotypes of logos that are made up of typography. or a unique font.
The latter has become increasing more popular with the explosion of Web 2.0. But, no matter what type of logo it is, it must abide by certain essential elements that make a logo exceptional, and these elements should be considered in the planning and executing process of the logo design. A successful logo should encompass these elements in order to effectively do its job. 
In this post, we will briefly recap the elements of a superior logo design, and since football season is in full fling, and everyone love sports, I have selected a few sports logos from Football, Baseball, and Basketball that I think abide by these essential elements. Enjoy looking at examples of exceptional sports franchise logos! 

The Elements of a Good Logo Design

The logo must be timeless, meaning that it should not be designed with any sort of fad or style that is likely to go out of style. When you are designing a logo, try to make the logo as enduring as possible through the many years and many styles of “in” it will pass through. The best logos are the ones that looked good fifteen years ago, and they still are extraordinary today.

A great logo design has to be simple. Many designers think that you must make ornate and complicated logos for it to be good, but actually the most successful ones are the most simple, straightforward, and sharp. You can see the logos below are generally very simple, but they really captivate and appeal to the eye.

Being unique is key to a successful logo design, because the logo is the identity of your company. Therefore, you must take the time to be creative, imaginative, and original. Notice the logos below are all uniquely different, and all have their own personality and flare.

Nothing is worst than an inconsistent logo design. I have seen on many occasions where the logo in one part of the world looks one way and in another part of the world looks differently. In addition, I have seen where companies have too many different logos that can confuse the target audience. Even if the look is slightly off, it is noticeable and it makes it look poorly designed. Try to be consistent with the logo, so make sure it is not manipulated even slightly.

Immediate and Lasting Impression
A logo must make an immediate and lasting impression with the audience. A successful logo is one where a person sees it once, and will remember it forever as associated with that business or entity. All of the logos below possess that quality; in fact, I do not even need to label these logos and I am sure that the high majority of readers will be able to recogonize the majority of the logos! That shows that they have created a lasting impression on the viewers!

Another element of good logo design is the audience appeal element. The audience must find the logo interesting, appealing, and alluring for it to truly be successful. I always suggest that designers do a test run of a logo with a select target audience to see the reaction; if it is not a positive reaction, change it.

Shows Proper Image
A successful and effectual logo will properly and accurately convey the image and personality of the business or entity it is representing. Some logos are great in all other aspects, and I find them very exceptionally designed and constructed, but they do not properly express the business’s personality, so I think I would rule it unsuccessful. It must do its job of representing the general company image.

Comprehensible and Logical
This one may be last, but it is equally as important. The logo must be understood by the target audience; therefore, you must not use symbols, colors, or ideas which your audience will not understand. Also, try not to go overboard with the hidden message or clever logos, because many times, though original, may not be understood, thus are worthless. So, try to make a logo that can be understand by the average person to make sure it will be successful! This is why we spend so much time doing research of your industry, service and competition.

Sample Sports Logos that Encompass the Elements of Good Logo Design

Denver Broncos
Houston Texans
Indy Colts
San Antonio Spurs
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
Oakland Raiders
Pittsburg Steelers
Seattle Mariners
Los Angeles Angels
Baltimore Ravens
Atlanta Braves
New York Nets
Green Bay Packers
Miami Heat
Boston Red Sox
Red Sox
Oakland A’s
Indiana Pacers
Chicago Cubs
All Star Game
Major League Baseball

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spring & Summer 2011 Color Forecast

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I sat in on a forecast/trend seminar while at Outdoor Retailer last week. 
And this image below, sums up exactly the colors and feel for what is coming for next year's fashion and sports fashion trends.

Lots of dusty faded colors, worn out look, floral (Eastern culture) and clean and simple.
There is more focus on fabrics, which is hard to demonstrate in a blog, but with new textures, recycled fabrics and the latest trend upcycle, which I will explain in the next blog.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Future of Fabrics

Auer Agency | Charlotte, NC | 704.236.0568 |

When I was at Outdoor Retailer, I ran into a company that works with suppliers exhibiting at Summer Market. This is their take on the...
Future of Fabrics

Identifying and tracking trends is important to the entire supply-retail chain, especially when technology is impacting new product developments. Below you will find a summary of some of the current trends influencing the specialty textile markets.

TECHNICAL SPORTS TEXTILES Look for lightweight fabrics and apparel that multi-task, providing comfort, moisture management, antimicrobial protection, and more.\

Current trends in technical sports textiles include fabrics and apparel that provide comfort, manage moisture, and are lightweight and flexible.  But, more is being expected of fabrics.  
runner imageAntimicrobial technology continues it's strong growth toward becoming an "expected" performance characteristic.  Stain resistance/repellency is also gaining in popularity in some categories.  
Other value-added properties such as UV protection Environmentally sensitive fibers and fabrics also continue strong, with the use of more natural fibers and fiber blends, including bamboo, as well as driving the development of plant-based polyrmers such as Ingeo®, Dupont's Sorona®, and fibers made from soy.
  • Technologies allow fabrics to thermoregulate, such as Akwatek/Akwadyne and Outlast, control the atmosphere next to the skin,  controlling temperature and comfort. 
  • Fashion, style, silouettes and color elements continue to create interest with consumers.   The hand, or feel, of fabrics is toward soft and comfortable.  Fabrics with stretch provide both comfort and look.  Compression fabrics remain popular as a performance enhancement.  The development of advanced fibers, such as Holofiber, have also shown a positive effect on the recovery of the body from exertion, improving  circulation  and oxygenation of the skin.
  • Advances in construction include seamless knitting and welded & glued seams, which reduce a garment's weight, provide added protection from wind and rain, and enhance comfort.  Advancements in fabric  construction include developments of a "new" fleece product such as those produced by Concept III International.
Important Qualities/Products for Today's Technical Sports Textiles:
Moisture Management
  • Dri-release®
  • Innova®
  • Sorbtek®
  • Innova®
  • Akwatek®/Akwadyne®
  • Aegis Microbe Shield®
  • Visa Endurance®
  • AMY®
  • MicroSpike™
  • Innova AMP®
Water/Stain Resistant Fabric
  • StainSmart®
  • WR100X™
  • Parados™
  • Akwatek®/Akwadyne®
  • Outlast®
  • X-Static®
Odor Control
  • VisaEndurance®
  • BodyCare®
  • Dri-release®
  • Reflexx®
  • Comfortrel XP®
  • Sensura®

UV Protection
  • MynxUV®
  • Body Care®
  • Antex Knitting Mills - Green Line™ Fabrics
Welded Seams
  • Sewfre

Geotextiles There are more applications for textiles that are getting buried. Fabrics are used for filter drainage applications. Also Erosion Control, Temporary Silt Fence and retaining walls.

Inflatables Lighter weight, heavy-duty fabrics and bonded seams provide strength and durability that last. Think inflatable boats.

Lightweight Structures Tensile fabric structures are being used as permanent temporary space, with some coated fabrics having life spans of 30 years. Tensil fabric structures can span unsupported lengths of up to 150 feet and tensile steel cable nets with fabric can easily span twice that amount.  Air structures can span even longer distances with column free structures up to thousands of feet.

Pet Beds A niche market has developed in high-end pet accessories.
You can now purchase anything from a dog umbrella to a microfiber pet-drying towel.  Dog and cat products are the most popular.  However, animal/pet accessory products are also being developed for birds, rodents (i.e. mice, hamsters, etc.), and horses.  Some popular pet products include:
  • Pet Bedsartic ski jacket
  • Pet blankets
  • Pet Tents (instead of cages)
  • Pet Cushions
  • Car Seat
MEDICAL TEXTILES  The medical textile market is experiencing significant growth and is demanding much from it's textiles. Barbed Sutures, Wound Care, Prosthetic Vascular Grafts, Smart Bandages (muscle/skeletal repairs), Use of technical fabric developments for socks and gloves for diabetic patients to improve circulation.

HOME FURNISHINGS   Trends include the use of blended fibers for improved properties, and the use of stretch, texture, and color to add variety. Renewable fabrics are also important.

SAFETY AND PROTECTIVE   The trend is to comfortable, lightweight, ergonomically designed fabrics and apparel.

Source: Fabric Links