Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Siskey YMCA Cycling Apparel

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We've been working with the Siskey YMCA, Extreme Cycling club based in Matthews, NC to produce one of their most popular designed cycling kitsThey were finally shipped last week and we are really excited about seeing them finished after looking at them on the screen forever.
This also is our largest order to date as well.

They are riding for the MS Breakaway Ride to the Beach that starts Saturday, September 25th.

Friday, September 17, 2010

NEW!! Dayeco Apparel - Construction Client

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Dayeco Landscaping and Construction located in Durnam, NC asked us to create apparel for their employees and we even did a cool bag for Apryle the owner to cart her stuff around in.

Mariellen Featured in Business Journal AGAIN

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Enterepreneurs Section

Recently, I was asked my advice on how to maintain balance between work and life. Since I am a single mom, a lot rests on my shoulders from running a house to running a business.

Here is my excerpt in full. But it was nice to be featured last week. My secret weapon is dark chocolate, it solves all the problems.

Since being in business since 2002, the way we do business has changed. Everyone expects an answer back via text/email within minutes. As a single mom, I have learned that I can’t be so compulsive about needing to finish everything that day. I work a little at everything each day to run my business, be a mom and run a household.

A typical day: Check email first thing, drive kids to school sending them off with lots of hugs and kisses, email invoices, prepare a proposal, design a logo, check Google Alerts for the next sports trend, check email again, call clients/vendors while in the car driving to the next appointment. Everyone once in a while I slip in a piece of dark chocolate for a slice of peace and happiness.

I’ve learned to do my day in blocks, I check email at certain times of the day, I don’t always respond to texts until I have a few moments. One or two days a week I keep meeting free so I can work on the next logo or apparel design project, the other two days are my design days and 1 day is optional.