Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charlotte Aquatics Cinch Bag Design

Auer Agency | Charlotte, NC | 704.236.0568 | mariellen@aueragency.com

Charlotte Aquatics was acquired a year ago by Kelly Gaines. The previous owner hadn't changed a THING in 18 years.
But Kelly is ready for fresh, new and exciting new stuff. She came to us looking to share her new brand in a different way.
So we came up with the hot and trendy, cinch bags used by kids and teens.

It's not as easy as it looks either. We had to convert the current logo to one that could be silk screened onto the bag. The effect is amazing and we feel that our superb customer service, ordering a sample to begin with, convincing our printer to print just one bag for a sample and then running the samples back and forth and hand delivering the bags to the client's front door on a Saturday shows just how committed we are.

Swim little fish, SWIM!

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