Friday, October 29, 2010

Redesign Charlotte Sports Network logo

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As Charlotte's newest networking group starts to form, Charlotte Sports Network, I decided to give it a new look. In January 2009, I launched CSN on LinkedIn, so far we have about 150 members and growing everyday. I created a logo then, but now that we have decided to make this a monthly networking group, I redesigned the logo and I think it captures the spirit of the group.
I kept the fresh colors, but decided to go with CSN as the main logo with the name of the group secondary. The arrows depict the idea of different sports professionals coming together in one place to do business and forge strong relationships.

If any of this sounds familiar, I used to also host the Charlotte Sports Scene socials that began in 2002 at the Sunset Club. That group, was focused on evening socials twice a year.

I'm very excited as I talk to more and more sports industry professionals everyday about starting this group formally. I am forming a team of people to help me launch and all the responsibilities it takes to put something like this together.

My goal is to have our first meeting in February. As I look at forming my team, I'm also taking into consideration where most of the members work so that our meeting location will be convenient as well as a good time of day. 

The focus of the group, is to network, that's the most important element. In today's economic hardship, relationships and most importantly friendships are the anchor for gaining new business. With social media marketing on the rise, what people say about you on facebook or their blog, matters personally and professionally.

I think meeting monthly as well as having the format be focused on networking will be a key element. As gatekeeper, I have been very selective in who gets to join as well. I want to maintain a high level of value to its members. They are investing their time and money as well. They want to see results.

So with that said, I hope 2011 will be a one of hope and fortune. With like minded people behind me, this can only be a success!

Skydive Carolina - Boogie T-shirt Design

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Skydive Carolina jumped at the chance to ask us to design a t-shirt for one of their largest events of the year. THE BOOGIE!! being held this weekend in Chester, SC and it's the 24th Anniversary of the event as well.
They bring in top sky divers from around the country and many people come from far, to camp and party and of course.. JUMP!!

We had some fun with their logo by putting a pumpkin head on him on the front and added some inspirational artwork and Bats (since bats fly right?). ON the back we took the Swoosh Man as they call him, and added a broom and wizard hat.

We hope everyone has fun out there this weekend. I know I did when I jumped a few weeks ago. Scary, but exhilarating at the same time.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cotton Prices Increase Nov 1st

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Increased cotton and other raw materials costs have prompted industry suppliers Gildan, Hanes, Port & Company and Jerzees to announce price increases. These increases will range from 5% on basic t-shirts to 10% on sport shirts and fleece. These prices will be effective Monday, Nov. 1.
Cotton prices are at record highs and we believe there will be more price increases in the coming months.  Our vendors monitor yarn costs and supply daily and don’t see an end to rising costs in the next few months. It is truly an unprecedented time in global manufacturing and sourcing.

See chart for a snapshot on cotton pricing that illustrates what is driving these price increases. The more knowledge we all have, the better we will be at working with our clients during this period of rising costs. We appreciate your continued support.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maximum Performance Running Hires AA to design Corporate Apparel and Marketing Collateral

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One hot summer morning in August, Mark Hadley walked up to our booth. We chit chatted for a while and he looked over the apparel I had on display. He was excited about running that morning for the OrthoCarolina's 10k 1st annual run.

He shyly showed me his new business card, with Maximum Performance Running logo and said, do you think you could make some apparel for my new company?

A few months later we met in a coffee shop. I was excited to listen to him talk further about his coaching business and how he has already grown it with a couple of coaches and great clients. Mark used to run in high school, college (Ole Miss) and most recently several regional and local races.

Mark is a coach certified by both the RRCA and USATF and is on the USATF’s Coaches Registry.

We took his logo off his business card and had to recreate it for apparel. But we are doing all kinds of apparel such as performance T's, runner's hats, everyday hats and personalized polos. I even ordered a hat for myself, I think they are really cool. Next on the list, is creating a cool brochure that highlights Mark and MPR's coaching strategies.

So welcome Mark Hadley to the Auer Agency family. We hope we are in it for the long run. Ha! No pun intended.


Monday, October 18, 2010

TRG Motorsports Invites Auer Agency to the Pits at NASCAR race

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Saturday, October 16th was the Bank of America's 500 NASCAR race held in Charlotte, NC. For the first time, Auer Agency was in the PITS! As in hanging out in the pits. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to TRG Motorsports for inviting us out.

Mariellen even stood on pit row while the National Anthem was sang. A once in a lifetime experience for sure! TRG Motorsports had Andy Lally, his first NASCAR race as their driver for the night.
Andy Lally and Mariellen Auer

Mariellen in the pits

William Wilson and TRG PIt crew member

Mariellen Auer and the CUP!

Andy Pit Stop

Dale Earnhard, Jr walking by.
Right next to use were Kurt Busch and Denny Hamlin. It was a night to remember.

Auer Agency Celebrates 100th Job

Auer Agency | Charlotte, NC | 704.236.0568 |

It's no small task to keep a business up and running. And Mariellen has done just that. Auer Agency has surpassed a milestone! They did their 100th job this year and continuing to add new clients to their roster.
Skydive Carolina's t-shirt design for their 24th Anniversary and Boogie to be held Oct 39th marks Auer Agency's 100th job. We'll post the design once we receive approval.

The most Auer Agency  have ever done in one year was 75 in 2008 and they have been in business since 2002.
And we would like to thank our clients for helping us get to this milestone as well. We wouldn't be here without your business!