Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Design Custom Team Shirts

Dear Mariellen, I see from your site that you do design of sports jerseys for big teams and I am organizing my company's softball teams. We are actually a large company and have several teams that play eachother each week through the summer. We would like to have a logo design for each of the 12 team's uniforms. Is this a project that your firm could handle? We aren't a pro team--just a rec league, but we would love to have a snazzy look for each of the department teams. We would need them mid-spring. Beth P., CO Dear Beth, What a fun project! Team jerseys are one of my favorite things to do, and with the new technologies available in both the production and printing, we can now do more for less--even for a single team--like a high school or college team--and especially company teams! I recently finished a shirt design for Hale Razors softball shirt. I designed and printed softball shirts for the Larry Hale Insurance team. The shirts were high performance shirts like under armor (100% polyester) and I designed a little mascot devil I named Lil’Hale Razor. They played at the Worlds Softball tournament in Disney a couple of weeks ago. And it was great to be part of such an accomplishment for this wonderful team. We can design and print your shirts with the numbers too--which will also save you money. Most of the time the numbers are the hardest and most expensive because it’s different than just printing a t-shirt with the same design front and back--but we have a special new process that makes this a snap! So yes! Absolutely, we would love to work with you! I look forward to hearing more about your company and teams and look forward to getting started! Mariellen Auer Agency Sports Marketing and Design Auer Agency Charlotte, NC 704.236.0568 info@aueragency.com

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hale Razors

The Larry Hale Insurance Company’s softball team wanted their uniforms to raise a little hell on the diamond at the World Softball Tournament held at Disney in Florida. So, they contacted the sports apparel expert, the Auer Agency. The creative team at Auer designed a devilishly clever mascot and then printed their shirts using an innovative process called sublimation. The process allows the designers to use more colors and gives them more freedom controlling the application of the colors. Sublimation is a home-run when compared to screen printing. Auer scores again! Do you have a company or community team in need of a team look? Auer Agency will work with you to create a logo and get your jerseys printed and ready for game-day.
Auer Agency Charlotte, NC 704.236.0568 info@aueragency.com