Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas-Tote Bags/Wine Holders

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Yes it's that time again. Time to figure out what to give your clients this year.
Put your company name on of these items below, silk screen or embroidery can be used.

Bags has been a very popular item this year, with recycling on the uprise, everyone needs a tote for grocery shopping, running to the gym or kid's overnight trips. Or fill them with holiday treats for special clients.

AND my personal favorite is the wine bag, of course, you have to supply the good wine. Riesling is my favorite, light, fruity and a good wine to give.

Price includes the bag only.
Min is 12 items.

I have other gift ideas as well, just let me know if you want to meet for a coffee and I can show you.

Mariellen Auer

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