Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Success at BIg Stampede - Who I Met

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Another year for a bike swap meet and expo.  I think this is going on 5 years now. It was great to hang out at the speedway, listening to the loud NASCAR's running around the track. Being out in the cold and seeing old friends and meeting new faces.

NEW!! Some new friends I met were Angela Olson, with this wild red hair and she said she had someone unfriend her so I went home and friended her on Facebook. Too funny. She was a ton of fun.

Performance Therapy  - Met Mike the owner and we discussed apparel and jersey design for his company. He has trained pro athletes to the everyday weekend warrior. I met him at his office today, and they were just buzzing with clients.

Rivergirl Fishing Company - they stopped by needing jersey designs for their outfitter store. I went on their website, and realized that I'm a Rivergirl at heart. My dad used to take me fishing all the time growing up on Lake Michigan and even for spring break trips to the Ozarks.... that could be a trivia question.

Prudent Enviro Products - environmentally safe products for cleaning your bike and accessories. Good stuff, hope to see more of their products out there on the market.
Nicole Bossie Boyd -  new husband has launched a new accessory for those in need of gadgets and such. He was even telling me he was flying out to Apple in California to work on an iPhone app. I shared a lot of laughs with Nicole and she even told me about someone who is trying to launch a cycling apparel line nearby.. Can't wait to hear from her.

Jeff Wise, with the US National Whitewater Center buzzed by my booth. I hadn't seen Jeff in quite a while. We used to spend countless hours together when the Whitewater Center didn't have a clue where it was going to be and who was going to pay for it. It was good to see him, and bumped into him last night at Taco Mac's. 

Spencer Lueders: I didn't know he was still around, he's such a celebrity now... but he stopped to chat. We only had a few minutes, but it was good to talk to him. He's one of my favorite peeps. He has his own attorney practice right now and we started going down memory lane a little and catching up. Still need to grab a coffee and see what other trouble we can stir up.

Highlight of the day was watching Ilan Paltrow, owner of Bicycle Sport, doing wheelies at it slowed down in the main aisle, I was waiting for him to bust his ass, but he held his own.. Looking good Paltrow!!

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