Saturday, March 7, 2009

Apparel Choices for Spring Sports

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What are the new Apparel Choices for Spring Sports?
Spring is in the air. And today in Charlotte, NC it's finally sunny and in the 70's and lots of people are playing outside. With so many people jumping on their bikes, getting up early on Saturday for their local 5k or heading to the golf course to beat on some balls, I have noticed some trends even for the casual athlete or sports team.
The end user has become more aware of the new offerings of higher-end items and branded retail names like Nike, Greg Norman and Arnold Palmer have all made their way into the everyday market. 
  • Color Your World Green. The color green is showing up everywhere on trim, on hang tags. Companies that don't normally use green in their apparel line is realizing that the consumer is into a new fresh color.
  • Fabrics - moving from cotton to high-tech polyester brands involving organic cotton, bamboo, seaweed, lycra and more. People want more advanced fabrics that reflect the demands of even the company softball team. There is even a new one called Cocona made out of coconut shells. People are asking me to source this type of apparel and it's not mainstream yet but I can see it being more available in the coming years.
  • Technical fabrics - Under Armour type sports performance tops and bottoms are becoming mainstream. People will pay a little more for something that will last longer, wick away sweat and look good wash after wash.
  • Fully sublimated uniforms - softball, baseball and track and field uniforms. You don't just have to paste a number on the back, but you could even print your school mascot or team logo all over the tops and bottoms. This will make you stand out from the pack. For sure!
  • Decorating - technology that is available to embellish your order has really changed. The offerings are vast from complex embroidery designs, crystals, direct-to-garment inkjet printing, sublimation and digital printing.
  • Small runs and quick turnaround time - Small teams or individuals want their own look. We can design and produce one jersey. The turnaround time is less than 2 weeks. This wasn't heard of 10 years ago. But manufacturers, have found that people want to order small quantities and when they want it.
  • Wrap around printing - you can wrap your logo or graphics around the bottom of the t-shirt from front to back. Or you can even do all over printing with as many colors as you want with a sandwich press process.
Give us a call today if your team wants a new look for spring or your company needs some fresh ideas for your retail line. We can source, design and deliver.

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