Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Widmer Beer Poster Design

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We can't all work all the time right?  I took some time off to drink some flavorful beers with local distributor Chris Squier while he educated me about Widmer's cloudy beers. And of course, you have to have them with a lemon to bring out the flavors. Being an avid Bud Light girl, I was delightfully surpised and may have a new go-to beer.
So the point of all this? Widmer had a poster contest celebrating their 25th year anniversary. And I thought I can't design a poster without any research or background info.  So while taste testing their different beers, well I had to do a photoshoot and couldn't waste all that beer, I came up with these two ideas.
The background is a collage of 25 years of labels and the glass is a custom designed glass that Widmer offers with their beers.  I did a photoshoot of  the beer glass (found out that you have to use two beers to fill it.) And the other poster has pics of the brewery and one lucky happy guy sitting at the bar. I know it's tiny you can't see all these details but a lot of thought and beer burps goes into these.
Chris helped a lot and is probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. And he is very passionate about what he does and who he works for.  He works hard to get the name out there, and helps restaurants and events with sponsorships.
And if I win? I get either $500 cash or a trip to Seattle for the 25th year anniversary party. Hmmm not sure, pay bills or go to Seattle and party with the Widmer brothers??? I'll let you know.

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