Friday, February 20, 2009

IKEA's Grand Opening Event and the 50 cent hotdog

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IKEA's is Charlotte's stimulus package and inspiration for Hope and Change
By Monday people were camping out in the cold and rain outside the IKEA store set to open Wednesday. Hundreds maybe even thousands of people flocked to the grand opening and my friend Caroline and I wanted to be part of one of Charlotte's biggest event of the year second to Coca Cola's 600 of course. I even saw young children who should've been in school flocking into the doors when they opened on the news. Did CMS declare National IKEA Day? 
We were greeted by sounds of a reggae band, friendly smiles and we couldn't resist the smell of the 50 cent hot dog. 
As we walked through the super-sized building, turn after anticipated turn brought smiles and "Oh My God's look at that" comments. We spent way too much time in the kitchen area where we discovered that the drawers automatically closed quietly if you just pushed them. One girl said that could save her marriage, her husband she said didn't know how to close the cabinets in the house. Her hubbie, who must have been forced to come was on the cell phone oblivious to her complaints, didn't even realize how happy his wife was at that a-ha moment.
The room set-ups were amazing. It showed how you could dwell in 276 sq. ft of space. fully furnished with kitchen, bed/living room in modern style. I feel guilty with my suburban home furnished by West Elm and Store by Design.
I had $10 burning a hole in my pocket, I knew I wanted to buy something. My friend Caroline went along for the ride and really had no idea just how cool the store was. By the time we left we both purchased scented tea lights. I bought 2 cute little mini pop-up tents for my kids in the pet section (kids are sort of like pets right?) and freshly baked cinnamon rolls. $25 total. 
Checkout time was about 15 min., but George our friendly concierge at the self-checkout made our wait fun and enjoyable. He even let me take the big and little sized reusable bags home. 
I will visit IKEA again and again. I think with everyone down in the dumps and not in the mood to spend money, IKEA just might be the new place to hang out with friends and family and I think I will have my business meetings there. They do have pretty cool home office stuff.

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