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Performance T's for Race Day

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Performance T's for Race Day

Everyone is talking about them, but where can you find them and how do you print on them?
"Cotton is Rotten" has been the mantra for the last few years. Pro athletes, to weekend walkers are looking for their own performance team gear.  Cotton clings to you when you sweat, and therefore adds weight as you are deep into the competition. Performance apparel is made to wick away the sweat from your body, it's that easy!

Typically eveyone buys an Under Armour shirt at Dick's Sporting Goods or other major retailer and take it down the local screen printer. Did you know that defeats the whole purpose of the shirt? and you are paying twice as much for the shirt too.

The ink that is laid down on the shirt, doesn't breathe and therefore blocks the cooling technology that you originally bought the shirt for. AND you are limited to the number of colors you can print.

Ta, da daa!! Here comes performance apparel geared just for your run, walk or ride. One vendor, Vapor Apparel has partnered with Auer Agency in offering long sleeve shirts, tank tops and even hoodies. Apparel is available with either a cotton feel or 100% polyester. But what makes them different is that they are geared for high performance.

Since the printing process on these type of shirts is sublimation. The colors you can do is unlimited. You can even print a pic of someone that you are raising money for. It's been around for a few years, and the apparel available out there is unbelievable.
The ideal situation is to start with a white blank, but Vapor offers, light gray, beige, peach, blue, yellow and pink. They even have some neon shirts for people work outside all day near streets, volunteers or staff.

Of course, adidas, nike and others are creating their own performance apparel, and you can use those, but bring those shirts to us, because there is a right way and wrong way to print on them.

Give us a call we can show you some samples. You will be blown away and look good crossing the finishing line.

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