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5 Simple Ways to Cure Social Media Overload 2010

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2010 will be the year of information overload, and managing your social media profiles by getting rid of all the junk can help you get to relevant information quicker, effectively promote your company/event, blog or brand and make social media a little less overwhelming.

1. Clean Up Your Twitter Followers
One of the pains of Twitter is the inability to mass follow or unfollow. When I first started out on Twitter I followed everyone from a local restaurant to make money quick tweeters. However, my niche on Twitter is graphic design, sports apparel and sports teams, blogs, retailers, etc. Cleaning up my followers helped me clear the clutter and focus on my niche. My favorite tool is Twitter Karma. Not only does it allows you to see who you are following and if they follow you, but it also allows you to bulk follow, bulk unfollow and bulk block.

2. Clean Up Your Facebook Groups
Do really need to be a member of “Everything Made with Bacon”? Seriously, most of these groups junk up your news feeds, send out irritating fan messages and keep you from focusing on the information you really need to see. Cleaning out your Facebook Groups is pretty simple.

3. Find Out Where You Are Online
If you’ve been online as long as I have, you know that there is no telling how many profiles you may hove out there. Finding those profiles is important to making sure you can use them effectively. There are many social media sites that I signed up for that I just forgot about. My favorite tool to see exactly where I am online is KnowEm?, a username check service that lets you know if you username is taken or available online. Not only is a great for finding out which sites you forgot about and for figuring out which sites you should reserve your username for, but you can check your username without signing up.

4. Create A List
As a graphic designer or sports apparel designer there are different types of social media that you should engage in. These include micro-blogs, blogs, forums, social bookmarking, social shopping, community and video.   To make sure your are well rounded online, make a list of sites you use regularly and which categories they fall in.  If something is missing, find our what site would be beneficial for you.

5. And finally...Make Life Easier
Instead of updating to each of your social media profiles separately, make your life easier by finding on resource that allows to to update to all of them at once. If you have a new product, article or design, going to every website can be tiresome My favorite service is which allows you posts to all your social networks at once. However, make sure you still engage one on one with users for brand awareness.

I just listed my favorite tools, but there are many of them out there. Let me know which ones work for you.
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