Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mariellen Auer is named Mecklenburg Times Power Player

Auer Agency | Charlotte, NC | 704.236.0568 |
The Mecklenburg Times has named Mariellen Auer a Power Player for it's weekly issue Friday, Jan 30, 2009.
Headline: Sports marketer takes pride in "left field" thinking
And just so you know their definition is...Power players are successful entreprenuers and business owners running companies that fuel the local economy. 
I was honored to be chosen as Power Player. They asked some pretty tough questions like, What do you think was most important in preparing to run a business? or What is your definition of success?
I'll be honest since this is a blog. It's nice to be recognized finally after several years of having a business and a very niche one that at that.  And working all those late nights on projects. I know this sounds cheesy, and so typical, but this makes me want to jump up and down a couple of times, to get this kind of recognition. Kind of cool.
Contact me and I'll by happy to share my answers in this article. And I might even spice it up, by  letting you in on some secrets to my success too.

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