Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marketing Strategies to MIcro Target via Cell Phone

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Advertising on the Cell Phone has arrived, but sending a personal alert based on your buying habits is way uber cool!
I heard this scenario back in 2000 when I worked at Interactive Fun! which is now called Lodestone Digital. They said that we would receive coupons from a local grocery store on our cell phone as we are driving by. Or an alert about a new coffee at Starbucks when I walked in the door for a business meeting.
Last week I attended a 2009 Marketing Forecasting Meeting so when I heard this I wasn't surprised, but I also wasn't ready for it to be widely accepted.
Now that most cell phones have GPS functionality, they can find you anywhere. Of course, you would sign up for alerts from your favorite restuarants, grocery store, movie theater or coffee house. 
Contact me today to set up your company for mobile advertising, it's time to ramp up!
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