Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Trademark A New Apparel Brand (cont'd)

Auer Agency | Charlotte, NC | 704.236.0568 | This is a continuation of how to launch a new apparel brand or category. Whether your focus is fashion, skateboard or sports the basics are the same. This blog focuses on Trademarking your line domestically or internationally. You have to answer these questions first. Ownership: So who is going to own the designs? Is it the client that hired you? You? Crossing state lines: What if you set-up in a different state? Did you know that some states don't charge sales tax? Some people have their company's headquarters in different states like Philadelphia because of that. Your Design: Trademarking includes your logo, designs and maybe even the way your design is applied to the garment. Hire a trademark lawyer that works in the apparel industry, it will save you time and money. ANd do this before you begin. You would hate to receive a cease and desist letter when you've spent $20k. Made In China: If you do make apparel overseas, did you know that you have to have a label sewn into the garment that states where it was manufactured? Making it Legal: IF and when you do trademark you will need a federal tax id number, sales and use tax number and a business license for each state you are in. Check with your accountant on the details of setting this up. I did my own, but you may want to check rules and regulations in your state.

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