Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Social Media Marketing 101: Social Media Categories

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Social Media is so new that there really hasn't been an organized way of looking at it.
But here is a stab at categories to get started. How could you use these to promote your business? Call me and we can put a strategy together.
1. Social networking; facebook, myspace
2. Publish; blogger, joomla, WordPress
3. Photo; iPhoto, shutterfly, flicr
4. Audio; iTunes, podcasting, PodBean
5. Video; YouTube, vlogs
6. Microblogging; text messaging, email, twitter
7. Livecasting; internet radio, web conferencing
8. Virtual Worlds avatars, FarmTown, Yoville, Second Life
9. Gaming; MMORPG,  Xbox Live
10. Productivity Applications; Google Alerts, Google Docs, TiddlyWiki
11. Aggregators iTunes, Juice, Media Monkey
12. RSS; Really Simple Syndication. One click solution that allows all of yoru content to be sent to yoru followers the moment you publish it
13. Search; SEO
14. Mobile iPhone, SMS text and multimedia mobile messaging
15. Interpersonal; Skype, AOL, IM, iChat
Happy Skyping!
Mariellen Auer
Source: the Social Media Bible 2009

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