Saturday, March 5, 2011

Facebook Tip: Do you want 3,000 or 3 Million followers?

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Everyone wants as many followers as they can get. But do you really?
Facebook's redesigned homepage provides brands with the same level of interaction that user have among their friends, yet only a few shining popular brands have truly leveraged Facebook's fan base.

It should be obvious to any business owner that thousands of fans can create an extremely effective promotional channel but can you actually take action to drive more fans or is just a natual evolution?  
Large companies like Coca-Cola will have fans that set-up pages for them and those pages can often grow to milions of users, but unfortunately small to mid-sized businesses can't just set-up a page and let the people do the rest.
Instead. lesser known brands need to invest heavily in brand development and leverage the various social media channels available to them to interact directly with their followers, fans and customers. 

The measure of success with any social media campaign is not whether you attracted 3,000 fans or 3 million, but whether you've attracted a large number of targeted fans who are loyal and will convert to the final sale.

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