Friday, October 30, 2009

Direct to Garment Printing V. Silk Screen Printing

What is the difference between Direct to Garment Digital Printing and Silk Screen Printing?
DTG printing is the newest technology in garment printing and is taking the industry by storm. Like our digital paper printing, direct to garment digital printing is best for short runs under 100 and is faster than Silk Screen printing. Because it has the capability of printing one shirt at a time without changing any plates, we can lower costs and pass the savings on to you. DTG printers print on shirts using an ink jet press and give the shirt a great feel and a flexible, soft touch.

Silk Screen printing has been and continues to be the standard of garment printing across the globe. Silk Screen is best for larger runs as it takes longer to set up, requires the changing of plates and has a lower per unit cost on large quantities. The production cost, production speed, and labor time required to run a silk screen printer makes it only suitable for large print runs. Silk Screen printers use a plate with ink pressed through a screen in a pattern to create an image on the fabric. Silk Screen offers the highest quality in color and durability and leaves a soft touch on the shirt.

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