Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Color trends

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Color is among the most powerful ways to communicate messages about products, services, causes and ideas.
What are the new color forecasts for 2009-2010?
Believe it or not, there are whispers of Mauve. Do you remember that color?
Muted, light and happy colors are the cornerstones for logos, marketing and clothing.
New Colors are....
Purple: Due to the presidential election, Red plus blue equals Purple shows that it is here to stay
Blue is the new green: Yes green has been the new color that everyone associates with Eco-living. But Blue is considered pure like watery blues, sky blues now represent a commitment to living on a greener planet.
Greyed-out browns and greys: Are the new neutrals.  They also bridge the area between black, which seems so harsh and brown, which doesn't seem strong enough.
White: Of course, Apple made this a popular color with the iPod. You see more hardware available such as filing cabinets, corporate boardrooms. And soft finishes like a matte. And we can't forget that white like blue is a pure color. And more businesses are finding ways to stand out from the crowd.
Yellow: The new color that represents energy. As we bounce back you will see more vivid yellows. It's the new accent color.
Want to add some color to your logo or company marketing materials? We'll spice it up and help you stand out from the all those boring competitors.

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