Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marketing Tips: Branding your business

Dear Mariellen, I own a professional services company in Charlotte and we have been a business for three years. We have done OK until now, but never really made significant profits. This is the year that we really need to break through. I am willing to invest in my business what I can--it is my passion, but I need to make a wise decision. I have been talk I need to "brand," but there is no immediate return on investment from what I can tell with this. Can you tell me the benefit of working to brand my business? or Do I really need to "brand" my business? Ellen M. CT Dear Ellen, A good branding strategy is an important aspect of success in business because it will bring your business to the mind of consumers when they need your product or services. However, "branding" seems so illusive, and hard for a small business to grasp onto. So often, small businesses initially reject the idea of branding, thinking it is something for large businesses, but in today's competitive world it is even more important to have a brand and a brand strategy. Branding your small business gives it name recognition and provide potential consumers with an instant understanding of the services you provide. It is what will allow you to grow your client base, and project a positive image. Your branding should include your website, logo, business cards, letterhead, etc. and all have a consistent theme, colors, and graphics. Branding itself gives your customers a confidence in your professionalism--it will show how you are unique, and stand out from your competition. Best of all, your customers will recognize and understand your services. And just as branding is important--how you brand is important as well. You will want to work with a professional marketing company that understands your business your clients and your products/services. No matter what your budget, you can develop a branding strategy for your small business that is consistent and professional. It is important, and something you should start today. Mariellen Auer Auer Agency Charlotte, NC
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