Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TNBA Gets New Logo!

PRESS RELEASE June 4, 2008 Auer Agency Redesigns TNBA’s Logo and Helps them Rename and Expand the Organization. When The National Business Association appointed Mariellen Auer vice president of the local chapter, little did they know what a fortuitous decision it was. Not only did Mariellen help them redesign their logo, but she also guided the organization in a name change that better describes their mission. The National Business Association 4 Sports has sharpened its focus on sports related businesses. Auer also helped launch a second Charlotte area chapter. Expansion isn’t over yet. Auer and the group are looking to add chapters in Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta and Kansas City to go with the two in Charlotte and one in New York. Oh, and Mariellen came up with a new tagline for the organization: Putting on a New Game Face. The tagline will be displayed on the new brochure her agency, Auer Agency, designed and produced for TNBA4S.
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